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Are you interested in becoming a referee?

We are limited in the number of players in each of our divisions by the availability of refereeing staff (and coaches). If you are interested in being a referee please click the link below and complete the form, you do not have to be a registered player in order to referee - parents and previous players are welcome!


In order to referee you will need to be certified by BC Ball Hockey Association ("BCBHA") under Canadian Ball Hockey Association rules and regulations.

All referees will be required to take a BCBHA clinic in order to referee games for Surrey Minor Ball Hockey.  Once we have the date for the clinic we will contact all applicants to register.

When registering for the BCBHA clinic (2018 Officials Registration) you will be asked to pay $50.00. This fee covers the following costs:

Clinic Supplies & Equipment
CBHA Casebooks
Year Arm Badges
Online Registration Fees
Clinic Instructors Fees
Clinic Venue Rentals
Clinic Instructors Travel
Clinic Instructors Accommodation (not needed in this case)
Clinic Instructors
Meals during the clinic

Are you interested in becoming a time/scorekeeper?

We are currently the only Greater Vancouver Ball Hockey Association the provides time/scorekeepers with an honorarium for Minor, Major and Junior games (Peanut, Pup and Peewee games are run by volunteer, typically parents, time/scorekeepers).  This is a great opportunity for players, siblings and even parents to earn some money while being involved in making our sport run smoothly.  If you are interested in applying to be a time/scorekeeper please click the link below and complete the form, you do not have to be a registered player in order to be a time/scorekeeper - parents and previous players are welcome!


You can find the SMBHA Time/Scorekeepers Officials Manual HERE 

Honorarium Scale for Referees and Time/Scorekeepers:

The following table provides the 2018 SMBHA season honorarium scale per game for referees and time/scorekeepers working in each grade shown.  SMBHA uses a grading system to determine an official's ability to referee in the divisions noted.  The Referee-in-Chief determines a referee's ability and assigns them a grade based on their performance.

 Official Grade  Divisions


(2 per game)


(2 per game,
except were noted)

 Grade 1  Junior Mountain  $35.00  $15.00
 Grade 2  Junior Pacific  $35.00  $15.00
 Grade 3  Major Mountain  $30.00  $12.00
 Grade 4  Major Pacific  $30.00  $12.00
 Grade 5  Minor Mountain  $25.00  $10.00
 Grade 6  Minor Pacific  $25.00  $10.00
 Grade 7  Peewee  $20.00  $12.00 (1 per game)
 Grade 8  Pup
 $15.00  $12.00 (1 per game)

Additional Information:

The above application forms does not guarantee you will be used as a referee or time/scorekeeper, it only places your name on our list.  Prior to being allowed to be a referee or time keep you will need to attend a Referee Clinic or a Time/Scorekeeper Meeting (respectively) before the start of the season.  The Referee Clinic is put on by the BC Ball Hockey Association as per the regulations put out by our governing body, Canadian Ball Hockey Association.  The cost of the clinic is typically $50 per participate.  While the Time/Scorekeeper Meeting will be put on by our Association for no charge. 

Referees are required to have an official referee jersey, black shorts, black CSA approved hockey helmet and an ice hockey whistle (if you refereed in SMBHA in prior years, you can continue to use your jersey or purchase a new one).  CBHA referee jerseys are available for purchase at Lika Sports -, select "Ball Hockey" from their main menu and then click "Referees".  You can also visit your local sporting goods store and see if they sell referee jerseys.

The minimum age in order to referee is 14 years old (unless approved by the Referee-in-Chief), while the minimum age to be a time/scorekeeper is 13 years of age.

We will be posting more information for referees here, so check back later for additional information.

To review a copy of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association Regulations, click HERE.


Registered Referees and Time/Scorekeepers - Click here to access the Referee Assigning Website - HERE



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